Pre-oiled Timber is Here

Machine coated with Equisol for a better finish with less work

Never build with unoiled timber again. Whether you are a seasoned builder or handyman, there's one universal truth. Timber stains are messy, smelly, hard work. And they don't last.

Finally there's a better solution.

Available now from quality timber merchants

Water and sun are the two biggest enemies your timber will ever face

The harsh Australian climate can quickly degrade even the most beautiful exterior timber, even if you carefully and regularly apply timber coatings. Pre-oiling before installation with a stabilising water repellent oil will enhance the grain and longevity of your timber and minimise mould and fungal attack.


Moisture gets in from underneath, beginning the decay process. Onsite coatings can\'t reach right around due to access limitations.


Equisol stabilising oil is consistently applied on all four sides by machine, for an even thickness.


Expert TIP: To ensure your timber is protected all the way around, ends sawn on site should be oiled before installation.

Get ahead of the compliancy curve

Recent guidelines now advise that all decking built under 400mm off the ground to now be pre-oiled with a water repellent decking oil as the minimum standard. Equisol Pro E365 is compliant to the standard.


Available for all exterior timber including sub-frames, decking and cladding

Specially designed machines apply Equisol\'s unique stabilising oil before the timber is delivered to site. The oil penetrates into the timber, allowing moisture and heat to escape, whilst retaining the natural feel of wood. Formulated for the extreme Australian environments.

The result is less oilings on site for an easier job, with less mess, less smell and less time with clear benefits.

No film. No shine. No fuss.

Choose from 6 architect colours or clear

Colour Tone Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Colour Tone Medium Brown

Medium Brown

Colour Tone Red Brown

Red Brown

Colour Tone Pale Brown

Pale Brown

Colour Tone Black


Colour Tone Grey




Timber is pre-oiled with one coat of clear or coloured Equisol, ready for a second top coat after installation.

Timber components can be pre-finished and assembled before installation
Screens, lattice, panels, fencing and sidings
Protects timber during construction and minimises staining
Timber in difficult access situations can be pre-oiled to reduce costs in labour and scaffolding
Saves time
Less trades on site
Reduces onsite labour costs by reducing the amount of work onsite
Reduces onsite issues and mess
Accelerates installation time as deck does not need to dry between work
Reduces number of top coats on site
More consistent oiling than possible by hand
Not reliant on the weather for onsite application
No sanding in between coats
Reduced hazard of slippery surfaces by reduced drying times
Protects timber close to ground susceptible to rotting due to high moisture content
Minimise blisters, cracks, peels and flakes
All four sides of timber are protected, minimising surface checking, cupping, warping and splitting
Improves dimensional stability by minimising absorption of moisture
Surfaces that cannot be reached by brush after installation are protected
Minimises water stains
Extends the service life of decking and retains the value of the asset