Verindale Deck Restoration

12 month old deck finished with leading timber oil brand was infested with mould

  • 200m2 deck in spotted gum 140mm x 19mm boards.
  • Installed 12 months ago.
  • A competing brand was applied six times within 12 months by the owner at great expense.
  • Mould present, causing blackening of timber.
  • Deck looked unsightly and unfinished, detracting from the multi-million dollar home.
Deck infested with mould, despite 6 applications of leading timber oil brand in 12 month period. Marks show where owner has tried to clean deck himself.

Equisol Null killed the mould before a complete deck restoration

  • A complete clean, strip of oils and prep was required to get the deck in shape for oil coating:
  • Applied Equisol Null and left on timber for 24 hours to kill mould and algae in deep rooted spores.
  • Powerwashed the deck to remove dead mould and algae and residual dirt.
  • Equisol Prime was then applied to remove previous failed timber oil and washed off.
  • Applied Equisol Vitalise to brighten timber ready for oiling.
  • Sanded dry deck surface with Polyvac 60grit to smooth surface after powerwashing.
  • Applied Equisol Null for the second time, leaving the Null on the timber as a sterilising agent to prevent further mould infestation.
  • Applied two coats of Equisol ProE365 with a colour tone to match timber colour.
1. Applying Equisol Null to kill mould
2. Cleaned and sterilised deck ready for sanding
3. Sanding with Polyvac 60 grit to remove abrasive surface and lifted timber fibres from powerwashing
4. Applying Equisol Pro E365 Advanced Timber Stabilising Oil with applicator brush

Restored deck

Mould removed and a newly oiled finish.