Enhance Timber's Natural Beauty

Beauty that is more than skin deep. Equisol advanced timber stabilising oil penetrates into exterior timber and decking, allowing moisture and heat to escape, whilst retaining the natural feel of wood. Water gets in, no matter what coating you put on, water needs to get out again. Our special formulation lets timber breathe and enhances its natural matt patina, without creating a shiny surface. Australian made and engineered for the extreme Australian environments.

No film. No shine. No fuss.


A Clear 360° Defense

Tested in harsh subtropical rainforest climates, Equisol Pro E365 nourishes and protects timber against the effects of moisture and sunlight through enhanced UV absorbers and minimises the effect of mould and algae. Effective in sealing pressure treated timber. Ideal for transforming previously coated timber, or rejuvenating the colour of old, weathered timber. Suitable for use on new and bare timber, decks, railings, cladding, soffits, interior panelling and exposed beams. Easy application and maintenance with no cracking, peeling or blistering.

Pre-coating is here

Pre-coating your timber before installation gives it the best start, and now your preferred timber can arrive pre-coated and ready to install. Meaning less work, less mess and lasts longer. Pre-empt your workload and minimise timber rot and harmful mold growing under your deck.

Set The Tone

Equisol uses a unique system of architect colour choices that can be purchased and added separately, instead of factory coloured cans.

These great companies sell and use Equisol