Professional protection from the Aussie climate.

Our Australian made and owned timber protection products are built for here.


Short work.
Long protection.

Our new quick drying formula lets you work all year round for protection that works all year round.


The best stripper you'll ever use.

Goes on easy.
Takes off easier.


Enhance timber's natural beauty, naturally.

Beauty that is more than skin deep. As opposed to other leading brands, Equisol's unique product formula uses an environmentally friendly modified linseed oil base that penetrates into the timber, allowing damaging moisture and heat to escape, whilst retaining the natural grain and feel of wood, without shine. Water gets in, no matter what coating you put on, so water needs to get out again.

Make it last, fast. No peeling. No shine. No fuss.


Great finishes need great starts.

Prime new timber preparer and Vitalise timber cleaner and rejuvenator. The dynamic duo to prep your project.


Kills mould, algae, moss and lichen. Internal and external.


Six architect colour tones.

Equisol Colour Tone

Concentrated stripper for industrial use.
X marks the end of failed coatings.


Pre-oiling is
pre-protected with Equisol Rapid.

You get one chance to protect all four sides of your timber. Before you start.


These great companies sell and use Equisol