Seal, finish and
coat fast!

Perdura Rapid Stain

The professional trade brush, for speed and control.

Fast and accurate coating and cutting in of fencing, railing, siding, walls, furniture and decks. Get more done with each stroke, thanks to the custom design high tech ‘Stay True’ synthetic filament head, which holds more stains, sealers and paints for greater coverage, precision control and even application

The uniquely designed filaments provide excellent resistance to abrasion, heat and chemicals., ensuring your Rapid Stain brush outlasts rollers, paint pads, brushes and other coating tools. Light weight and well balanced with a rounded ferrule design for maximum user control and comfort. Added universal screw mount to attach paint pole and coat decks standing up. Handy removable steel bucket clip. Easy wash design extends the life of the brush. Great for both smooth and rough surfaces. Large 127mm wide custom design with 75mm length filaments tapers outwards for wide coverage.

Where to Use: Suitable for water and oil based paints, stains, sealers, epoxy and varnish for wood and concrete.
Size: 127mm with 75mm filament length

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