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We recommend you use a seasoned hardwood from sustainable forestry sources for decking projects. Currently Spotted Ash is a popular choice for Australian conditions.

Yes - all timber deck coatings need maintenance. Equisol is no exception. However recoating with Equisol is easy. You simply need to give the deck a wash to remove any debris, and recoat with two coats.

A recoat is recommended around the 12 month mark, depending on the environmental conditions. Harsher environments will need recoating sooner.

No. Two coats is enough. If you apply too many coats the timber reaches saturation point and the oil will sit on the surface. This will make your timber look blotchy or patchy.

Yes, but please make sure any previous coatings have been removed.

Some timber is rich in tannin (eg. Garrapa, Australian hardwoods, Merbau). This is a naturally occurring water soluble polyphenol which can wash out of the timber. It generally occurs when the cut ends of timber get wet. The water mobilises the tannins and they flow out of the ends of the timber. The colour you see is NOT the Equisol oil sliding out of the timber. Some products are available to remove tannins but they only can remove what they can reach. In other words, tannins situated in the mid-section of your timber will still be present and eventually leach out. A penetrating oil will help seal the timber, but if you are using a timber highly saturated with tannin which is then exposed to water, it’s expected the tannins will leach.

Timbers may also be discoloured with black stains when it comes into contact with iron compounds. (iron filings, ferrous nails and screws etc). Cement dust and soil high in iron can leave black spots if they rest on wet timber. This is chemical reaction between the iron and the tannin. Remove the source of the reaction and a light acid wash should remove the marks from your timber.

Equisol Stabilising Oil is Australian made. Our pigments for the colour tones are sourced internationally.

All oil based products will slightly darken the natural timber. The oil penetrates the timber fibres providing nourishment and protection. If you soak the timber with water, it will have the similar look as coating it with clear Equisol E365 clear. 

Yes, Equisol is a good primer for Polyurethane Varnish. It will minimise the water intake in the timber and increase its longevity. It is important to only apply the varnish after Equisol E365 is totally dry.