The best time to recoat your deck is now!

If you love your outdoor living, the summer barbeques, the lazy lunches with friends enjoying the cool of evening, the New Year’s party celebration with twinkling lights and the faint smell of mozzie coils… then your outdoor deck is a valuable asset to your lifestyle and your home. However after a wet autumn and a ... Read more

Doonan Rainforest Environment – case study

A rainforest environment has to be one of the toughest environments for timber decking. Constant exposure to water, sap, bird droppings, leaf litter and general grime has the timber’s lifespan generally hugely reduced. This deck is located in Doonan. Built with spotted gum, 140mmx22mm boards. The decking boards were precoated with Equisol Pro E365 Advanced ... Read more
Colour Trends

Exciting 2021 Deck Colour Trends

We are seeing some exciting colour trends in timber decking choices. Home improvement has been a booming sector for the last year  – probably due to the amount of time people have been forced to spend at home.  (According to this SMH article, Australians are spending a record $1 billion on home renovations a month.)  ... Read more
recoating timber decking

5 Steps to recoating timber decking

Taking regular care of your timber decking in Australia is the best way to ensure you get a long lifespan from the timber. We recommend recoating decks with timber decking oil annually, prior to the punishing summer season in Australia. The end of our winter is a perfect time to do some deck maintenance because ... Read more
moisture in timber

Why is moisture in your timber a problem while coating?

Successfully coating or re-coating a deck has a lot to do with the moisture in your timber. Knowing the moisture content before you start will generally minimise the most common reasons for failed coatings. Moisture is not necessarily your enemy, though.

Now partnering with Tasman KB for pre-coated timber

Equisol is proudly partnering with TasmanKB in Queensland to offer pre-coating on their range of timbers.