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Equisol Pro E365

Equisol Pro E365 comes in 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L sizes.
8% discount applies to orders of 200L+ of Pro E365 (not including Colour Tones).

  • Product Code Price Purchase
  • Pro E365 1L Pro E365 1L9846 $49.50
  • Pro E365 5L Pro E365 5L9822 $165.00
  • Pro E365 10L Pro E365 10L9823 $275.00
  • Pro E365 20L Pro E365 20L9824 $517.00

Colour Tones

Colour Tones come in 180ml and 500ml sizes and 6 architect colours.

  • 180ml - For 5L Equisol Pro E365
  • Product Code Price Purchase
  • Colour Tone 180ml Dark Brown Colour Tone 180ml Dark Brown9825 $13.97
  • Colour Tone 180ml Medium Brown Colour Tone 180ml Medium Brown9826 $13.97
  • Colour Tone 180ml Pale Brown Colour Tone 180ml Pale Brown9828 $13.97
  • Colour Tone 180ml Red Brown Colour Tone 180ml Red Brown9827 $13.97
  • Colour Tone 180ml Grey (Double Strength) Colour Tone 180ml Grey (Double Strength)9830 $24.31
  • Colour Tone 180ml Black (Double Strength) Colour Tone 180ml Black (Double Strength)9829 $24.31
  • 500ml - Super Concentrate for 20L Equisol Pro E365
  • Product Code Price Purchase
  • Colour Tone 500ml Dark Brown Colour Tone 500ml Dark Brown9841 $49.50
  • Colour Tone 500ml Medium Brown Colour Tone 500ml Medium Brown9843 $49.50
  • Colour Tone 500ml Pale Brown Colour Tone 500ml Pale Brown9844 $49.50
  • Colour Tone 500ml Red Brown Colour Tone 500ml Red Brown9845 $49.50
  • Colour Tone 500ml Grey (Double Strength) Colour Tone 500ml Grey (Double Strength)9842 $86.90
  • Colour Tone 500ml Black (Double Strength) Colour Tone 500ml Black (Double Strength)9840 $86.90


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