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4.8 stars from 12 reviews
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Pro E365 is not a coating. It’s a penetrating, non-film forming, clear exterior timber oil that highlights the natural beauty of timber grain with a signature matt finish.

Pro E365 migrates and diffuses into the timber for long lasting protection from within, minimising warping and splitting. Its environmentally-friendly linseed oil base is specially formulated with mould and algae inhibitors to resist the growth of black mould on your deck while nourishing and preserving the timber, and controlling the effect of sunlight exposure with enhanced UV absorbers.

Use the clear oil to allow the natural silvering process, or add an Equisol Colour Tone for rich colour that lasts longer.

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4.8 stars from 12 reviews

The Equisol deck ages gracefully, while the water-based coating always looks like it needs attention when they lose the shine. I am old. I have had decks for 36 years. I know.

Much better to use than other leading brands. It glides on easier and smells much better than other mineral-based oils. My customer said the same thing. I will be using Equisol from now on.

One of the best products I have ever used, and I have used every brand!

I recently had the opportunity to compare Equisol Pro E365 and Cutek CD50 oils on the same kind of deck. The back deck was Cutek. The garden deck was Equisol. In my opinion, I found the Equisol product easier to apply as it went on smoother, and it was also quicker to dry. And when time is money that’s a huge advantage. I also highly recommend Equisol Strip to remove old coatings. Worked a treat for me on a deck with an old water based coating that had failed.

Deck looks amazing , come up better than I could have hoped for. Would definitely recommend A++

Our deck had been coated with layers of decking paint and had started to weather. The Equisol product sounded ideal in terms of protecting the deck and bringing out the natural colours of the timber. We have been delighted with the result and would recommend this solution highly.

These guys were awesome. Their product looks great and it lasts under extreme stress. I live on the beachfront on the Gold Coast and despite very harsh ocean conditions, the colour stayed, the boards held up well and we are super happy. Plus they’re great guys.

I have a large deck that had previously been painted with a water based finish.
It would flake when wet and showed marks easily that were difficult to remove.
Equisol was able to suggest an alternative coating that would alleviate these issues.
Australian Timber & Deck were able to remove the old coating completely and re-coat with Equisol
They fitted their schedule to coincide with a time we were travelling (removal and prep is noisy and dusty)
We returned to a beautifully finished deck that doesn’t show much markings and is easy to keep clean
We are very happy with the job.

We decided to switch from Sikkens to Equisol for our deck, and it looks great.

What a transformation from an ugly deck to a great one.

The decks look fantastic, with the natural grain showing through, the timber restored to new life and protected. I highly recommend this star product Equisol, for anyone who wants the best quality.

Really pleased with natural oil finish that brings out the living quality of the wood. Classic look, subtly beautiful and deeply satisfying to live with.

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