Grey Restored Merbau Deck

Products used: Equisol Colour Tones, Equisol Pro E365, Equisol Prime, Equisol Null, Equisol Vitalise
Colour Tone: Grey
Timber Type: Merbau
Timber Quality: Used

Merbau deck brought back to life with a stunning Grey look in Equisol. The boys from Australian Timber Deck Maintenance did an awesome job removing the heavy black spot mould that had taken over. Check out the before photo for an incredible transformation.

For those interested, it was five step process: 

1. Equisol Prime to remove the old coating and any organic stains (dirt, oil, animal droppings, etc)

2. Equisol Vitalise to brighten the timber and remove any mineral based stains (iron oxide, efflorescence, limescale, salt, hard water, etc). 

3. Sanding to remove the damaged top layer of timber and any other film coatings that may have been applied in the past.

4. Equisol Null to kill the mould. This was applied twice. Once to kill the mould, and then washed off, then re-applied and left to dry to create a sterilisation layer on top of the timber to prevent any deep seated mould coming back to the surface.

5. Three coats of Equisol Pro E365 with Grey Colour Tone. We don’t normally recommend three coats due to drying issues when the timber reaches it maximum absorption point. But in this case the timber was so dry it needed an extra coat.