Stripping red cedar french doors

Products used: Equisol Strip
Timber Type: Western Red Cedar
Location: Gold Coast

We recently restored some Western Red Cedar doors at our own house using our new Equisol Strip. The doors face west and had years of old film coating that was flaking badly. Western red cedar is a very soft timber and years of neglect (I know, how does a company that makes timber protection products have neglected timber themselves!!), so sanding was not an option.

Strip performed incredibly. We knew it was good, but this amazed us too, with 99% of all failed coating removed without sanding. A simple brush on of Strip, 60mins of keeping it moist, and then hose off with a pressure cleaner. Because Western red cedar can be gouged easily with water pressure, we were very careful not to use too much force, but it still leaves the timber furry. We then lightly sanded the surface with a sanding sponge, and our doors are like new again!!