5 Steps to recoating timber decking

Taking regular care of your timber decking in Australia is the best way to ensure you get a long lifespan from the timber. We recommend recoating decks with timber decking oil annually, prior to the punishing summer season in Australia. The end of our winter is a perfect time to do some deck maintenance because we experience little rainfall in August, and manageable humidity. Once moisture starts creeping into our atmosphere in summer, it becomes harder to get your deck dry following cleaning. Drying your deck is essential to obtaining maximum timber oil penetration through the timber fibres.

Here are our top tips for keeping your Australian deck in excellent condition.

1. Determine what kind of product was used on your deck previously.
If your deck has been coated with an oil based product it will not be shiny or appear to have a film on the surface. It may be looking dry and water soaks into the timber. If your timber is no longer beading then it is not water repellent. Water will start penetrating and decaying the timber.
If your deck has had a polyurethane coating, it may be appear hazy with cracks in the film or film lifting/peeling. This surface is not compatible with penetrating oils and will need to be removed completely prior to coating. This coating usually needs to be stripped and sanded.

2. Sand the deck if there is cracked/weathered timber.
Penetrating oils will not smooth the surface of your timber, and are usually designed to enhance the beauty of the grain. Do the work and get that deck as smooth as possible. You won’t regret it! If your deck is large, we recommend hiring professional sanding equipment to do the job.

3. Make sure all sanding dust is removed by sweeping/vacuuming and hosing off.

4. Clean your deck with Equisol Vitalise.
Bird and bat droppings, grease and food stains from barbeques, dust and dirt are the enemies of a good looking deck. These stains need to be removed with a timber cleaner such as Equisol Vitalise. The ingredients in our cleaners lift dirt and old colour out of the timber to create a surface ready to receive its nourishing coating of Equisol Pro E365.

5. Wait until dry and apply one coat of Equisol Pro E365 with a professional applicator tool.

6. Once dry (24hrs) inspect your deck. Do not apply more than two coats.