Exciting 2021 Deck Colour Trends

We are seeing some exciting colour trends in timber decking choices. Home improvement has been a booming sector for the last year  – probably due to the amount of time people have been forced to spend at home.  (According to this SMH article, Australians are spending a record $1 billion on home renovations a month.)   Home owners are becoming more adventurous with their outdoor colour trends, allowing the timber to act as an integral design feature of the home. Decks in Australia are as quintessential as the Aussie BBQ itself, so why not make your deck the envy of your neighbourhood!


The Dark Deck

Black colour tone on timber decking (sometimes referred to as Japanese black) and exterior timber has been one of our most popular trends this year. The result is a standout deck that shows minimal dirt.  You can achieve this look by using Equisol’s Black Colour Tone and Equisol Pro E365. Over time and depending on exposure to the elements, this colour will fade slightly and soften to a dark grey. Some people love the natural softening of this look, but if you want to keep your deck at its darkest, recoating annually with Equisol and the black colour tone will bring it back to its former impressive status. Unlike a painted black coating, the black penetrates the timber and does not create a super heated surface in summer. For inspiration, have a look at the black colour trends featured here.


The Grey Deck

You’ll see grey decks in virtually every Architectural home design magazine. The soft suede-like grey looks amazing in hinterland and beach settings. It compliments buildings with large floor to ceiling glass doors providing a softer transition to the outdoors. As opposed to a bleached and grey badly weathered timber, the grey colour tone is luxuriously rich in colour. (Don’t get it confused with a neglected aesthetic.) It’s definitely on trend and a high-end finish. You can achieve the grey with Equisol’s Grey Colourtone on both Spotted Gum and Blackbutt, two of Australia’s most popular exterior timbers.

Equisol Grey Colour Tone used at Pottsville property
Equisol Grey Colour Tone used at Pottsville property

The Natural Deck

Natural colour trends for decking brings out the beauty of the timber’s features whilst keeping the decking nourished and in good condition. Perfect for an eco-themed design. Even though it looks beautiful, uncoated timber doesn’t weather very well. Applying Equisol’s E365 penetrating oil allows the timber to be protected from the elements without altering the glamorous look of an uncoated finish. This approach can also be used for outdoor furniture or exterior timber wall features. We have even used Equisol on the surface timber of luxury yachts. The penetrating oil sinks into the timber allowing it to breathe. This enables a longer lifespan for your exterior surface and maintains a deck which is beautiful to walk on.

Natural Timber
Clear coating on natural timber