Doonan Rainforest Environment – case study

A rainforest environment has to be one of the toughest environments for timber decking. Constant exposure to water, sap, bird droppings, leaf litter and general grime has the timber’s lifespan generally hugely reduced.

This deck is located in Doonan. Built with spotted gum, 140mmx22mm boards. The decking boards were precoated with Equisol Pro E365 Advanced Timber Stabilising Oil.

New deck built in 2019.

After 14 months the deck was inspected and showed the usual signs of dirt, and some fading due to environmental exposure. The timber was straight, level, decay free and in excellent condition.

After 14 months
Deck ready for maintenance after 14 months.

Routine maintenance was undertaken using EQUISOL’s unique 2 stage timber prep system, using PRIME. The deck was washed and then VITALIZE was applied to remove old colour and brighten timber. The surface was lightly sanded with 120grit Polyvac to smooth timber fibres lifted from washing process. Two coats of EQUISOL Pro E365 was applied to the cleaned deck.

After Maintenance
After routine maintenance with PRIME and VITALISE and recoating with EQUISOL.

With regular maintenance this deck will exhibit great wear and extend the value of the owner’s investment.