The best time to recoat your deck is now!

If you love your outdoor living, the summer barbeques, the lazy lunches with friends enjoying the cool of evening, the New Year’s party celebration with twinkling lights and the faint smell of mozzie coils… then your outdoor deck is a valuable asset to your lifestyle and your home.

However after a wet autumn and a cool winter, you may be starting to witness the accumulation of mould, algae, dirt and stains and your deck is not the shining glory it once was! It’s time to think about doing some annual maintenance. Annual maintenance is essential to preserve the life of the timber. The best time to recoat your deck is spring. Lower humidity and less chance of rain while the oil is drying makes this season ideal for a little elbow grease and showing your deck some love!

Before recoating, take the time to clean your deck with Vitalise. This product has been designed to remove ingrained dirt from general traffic, dust, bird and bat droppings etc. If you notice mould developing in shady areas, use Null to kill the mould down to its spores.

Once your deck is clean, you can recoat with Equisol Pro Advanced Timber Stabilizing Oil. You have the option to recoat with a colourtone in the oil as well, if you want to rejuvenate the colouring. Colour lightening from the sun is normal over a period of time, so if your deck was dark rich tones, it will certainly benefit from Colourtone application.


  • If you can, avoid using a high pressure cleaner, please do. The high pressure roughens the timber and you will end up needing to sand it smooth again. In most situations, a standard water hose on a jet spray is enough to get the Vitalise (and the lifted dirt) rinsed off.
  • Don’t forget the timber ends. We see this time and again where the cut ends have not been coated, and this is precisely where trouble starts. Do the ends.
  • Use a clean brush for cutting in the edges and a clean roller for doing the large flat surfaces.