Timber Preparation

Equisol’s system of specialised preparation and cleaning formulas gives your timber the best start.

Timber cleaning, care and protection
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Equisol Strip removes film coatings including paint, poly-urethane timber finishes and most solvent based finishes as well as old built-up oil coatings.

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Equisol Xcoat removes multiple layers of old paint, failed film coatings and most solvent based finishes.

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  • Xcoat 15L

    XC 2748
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Equisol Null kills mould, algae, moss and lichen on wide range of surfaces.

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Equisol Prime prepares new and unseasoned timber for coating or removes old oil coatings.

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Equisol Vitalise rejuvenates, cleans and brightens exterior timber before coating.

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